Haddington Food Assembly

The Food Assembly pop-up market is now open in Haddington. You can choose items from the online market 7 days a week then collect your items from the farmers and food producers the following Monday at Maitlandfield House in Haddington between 6pm & 7pm

What is a Food Assembly?

With other 900 assemblies across Europe they are a social and collaborative enterprise. Doing everything they can to offer you the most innovative and transparent tools and services. The Food Assembly brings together people to buy fresh food directly from local farmers and food-makers.

With their technology and support, everyone gets a better deal: communities get to know each other, farmers get a fairer price for their work, and you get locally sourced, unique produce: the most delicious food available!

6 miles:
Average distance of a product
sold through Haddington Food Assembly.

10,000 miles:
The distance of fruit from the US
to arrive at British retailers.

How does it work?

The Food Assembly connects you directly to local food producers through a fair and transparent retail model.

Along with The Food Assembly, two kinds of people make an Assembly happen: Hosts and Producers.

The Producers sell directly to you through The Food Assembly online market. Hosts organise the weekly online shop and the local pick-up fasignmarket in your area.

Thus, there is no middleman: Members pay the food Producer directly, allowing them to earn over 80% for their hard work (in comparison to 15-25% through supermarkets).

Order online – Choose from a wide range of local products mainly from East Lothian: fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, beer and much more… it is up to you how much you buy and how often!

Collect your order – Every week your assembly takes place at the Maitlandfield. Collect your order from here on Monday nights 6pm-7.30pm and meet both the people behind your food and your neighbours.

Eat better – Every season taste the freshest food available from East Lothian.

Shop fairly – Support your local producers and economy! In each assembly producers set their own prices and receive an income that is both fair for them and good for the local economy.

Vision & Values

The Food Assembly’s vision is to create a better way to eat, where everyone has access to the pleasure of local food, and is connected to the people who make it.

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